How to play Roulette online at Vin777 Casino

Roulette online is one of the most attractive games at the present time. This game is not only simple and interesting, but it can also bring great profits to gamers. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand that this product has the highest player rate at the bookies. In the following article, we will guide everyone how to play Roulette online at Vin777 easiest to win.

Of course, you need to have a THA or KU account first. After logging in and entering the game table Roulette The Casino lobby will display an interface like this

If you don’t have an account, it will be difficult to imagine how this game is played. Why Vin777 There is a promotion for new registered members of 128,000 VND in bets, completely free play, but if you don’t register, try betting to see how it feels, right? Button [button text=”SIGN UP Vin777″ color=”alert” style=”shade” size=”large” radius=”5″ depth=”1″ depth_hover=”2″ icon=”icon-plus” link=”/dang-ky/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow sponsored” class=”form-128k”] ở ngay đây mà!!!!!

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How to play Roulette online at Vin777 Casino

Ok, after you have an account, we will sit down at the table to see what’s interesting behind the online Roulette game at THA.

Roulette in French means small wheel and the gameplay revolves around these lucky wheels. Each spin will be divided into 37 small boxes numbered from 0 to 36. Normally odd numbers will be written in red boxes, even numbers will be written in black boxes.

When starting to play, the dealer will use a small, clear ball to drop into the spinning wheel. When the rotation stops and which box the ball lands on, that is the lucky number. To participate, you must bet according to the rates offered by the house.

Below is the most detailed way to play Roulette online at THA Casino:

Step 1: Place a bet

Before the dealer starts spinning, you must place a bet. Please click on the amount you want to bet in the “Bet” section and select the box you want to bet on.

In which the eating rate will be:
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bắn cá Vin777

  • Single bet (1 number): You bet on any number on the table. If everyone wins, the odds will be 1 to 35.
  • Double bet (2 numbers): You bet on 2 numbers at the same time by placing the chip on the wall between the 2 numbers. The odds will be 1 to 17 if the player wins.
  • Line bet (3 numbers): The player will bet on a line of 3 numbers by placing chips on the bottom edge of that horizontal line. 1 to 11 is the bonus rate if everyone wins.
  • Corner bet (4 numbers): You bet on a block of 4 numbers by placing chips on the intersection corner of those 4 numbers. The reward rate will be 1 to 8 if you win.
  • Bet on 2 rows (6 numbers): Bet on two consecutive rows by placing chips on the intersection point at the bottom edge of the two rows. The normal odds if you win are 1 to 5.
  • Column bet (12 numbers): You will bet on all numbers in the vertical column. The reward rate if the player wins is 1 to 2.
  • Dozen bet (12 numbers): The player bets by placing chips in the boxes “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, “3rd 12. The odds if you win are also 1 to 2.
  • Odd/even bet (18 numbers): You bet on all red or black boxes. The odds of winning are 1 to 1.
  • Half table bet (18 numbers): Bet on the numbers in the low half of the table (0 – 18) or bet on the numbers in the high half of the table (19 – 36). The odds of winning are also 1 to 1.

Step 2: Dealer proceeds to spin the wheel

After your betting time ends. The Dealer will spin and drop the ball. Everyone’s task is to sit and watch and wait for the ball to fall into the numbered box.

Step 3: Announce results and make payment

When the rotation ends and the ball has completely fallen into any box. Dealers will notify players of the results. For example, “11 Black”, which means the number 11 and the color black. At the same time, a symbol will be placed on the spinning table to mark the winning number. If the player wins, everyone will be paid according to the corresponding rate. Then a new Roulette game will be started.

Video illustration of playing online Roulette at KU Casino lobby of bookmaker THA 2021 is the most simple, concise and easy to understand

77 Experience playing Roulette online at Vin777

After knowing how to play Roulette online at THA Casino lobby, learn from the experiences of the experts. The more knowledge you apply, the higher your chances of winning big. Here are some methods for everyone to refer to:

Great tips for playing online Roulette in a tidal wave style

This way of playing requires players to have high perseverance. Everyone must record the winning numbers from the previous 30 games. Then you choose the 5 most winning numbers. Thereby, people will rely on these numbers to place bets.  Accordingly:

  • Bet on: Bet on the 17 numbers closest to the number you just got. Then everyone should bet another 0.
  • Bet on: Everyone bet on the 17 numbers closest to the number you just found. Then you bet on the number 0.

Play Roulette according to the rotating numbers

With this way of playing, everyone divides the numbers they need to play into different areas. In which areas will include all cells on the betting table. You will then place bets in all areas to increase your chances of winning.

According to experts, this is a smart way to set a lock. Because the spins always change each round and the Dealer drops the ball completely randomly. But when using this method, everyone must have a stable source of capital and spread capital accordingly.

Always stay calm during Roulette rounds

Always staying calm is necessary in any game. You need to keep a relaxed spirit so that your judgment can be more accurate. People don’t need to be too bitter when they lose because Roulette is a black and white game. Although not everything, luck is also an important factor.

So if you lose continuously for many games, temporarily stop to cut off your bad luck. Instead people can do other more important jobs. When everyone has relieved their stress and their minds are more relaxed, continue playing. Avoid letting negative emotions influence you and make you empty-handed.

In short Vin777 We have instructed everyone how to play Roulette online at the Live Casino lobby in the most detailed way. At the same time, we have also shared some tips for playing Roulette with you. Although this is a black and white game, people do not rely on luck too much. Find out and learn more experiences from veteran players to win more victories. Wishing you all the best in playing.

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