Instructions on how to play and catch 36 numbers unbeaten

Currently, there are many people choosing this method of playing 36-number lottery to earn big profits. This is considered the optimal way to bet, bringing high efficiency to participating players. So what’s special about this type of game, how to play and apply the 36-number set correctly? Let’s follow the detailed gameplay when owning this set of problems below!
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What is a 36-number lottery?

The 36-number lottery is a collection of 36 different numbers randomly filtered from 00 – 99. Basically, these 36 numbers are numbers that are calculated, researched and calculated by many lottery experts as well as experts in the industry. Carefully selected to ensure great success. With such a set of lottery numbers, players can play the lottery during the day, raise the bracket lottery or even play the lottery very effectively.

In general, the 36-card lottery set has a very high winning rate, but according to many gamblers, the reward level is not high. However, this is still a set that is sought after by many players today because the profits are very stable. But at the same time, if the player does not carefully consider and calculate carefully, he will lose a lot of money when raising this 36s unbeaten set.

Advantages and disadvantages when choosing to play a 36-number lottery

To help players better understand this set of 36 lottery numbers, below we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of this form as follows:


The first advantage of this form is that it has a very high winning rate. To do this, you must make sure the numbers you choose are correct. Players can bet multiple numbers at the same time, then the chance of winning will also be higher.


Even though playing a 36-number lottery has the advantage of winning rate, it also has some disadvantages. Accordingly, players will have to divide the initial bet amount they can spend into multiple numbers. Therefore, the profit we receive if we win will usually not be as high as with single-player or double-player lottery.

Instructions on how to play and catch 36-digit lottery numbers

After having an undefeated game plan in hand and not knowing how to use or apply it, people can refer to how to play as follows:

How to calculate unbeatable 36-number lottery

If you want to have a satisfactory, highly accurate 36-number lottery, you need to follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1: Based on the table lottery results The region or region you are living in from the previous day to check the lottery for the next day. The most convenient and fastest way is to access pages with lottery results statistics of the most recent prize draws.
  • Step 2: Based on the statistical results and frequency of appearances above, you choose 8 numbers in the first table and 8 numbers in the last table. With just such a simple way, we have a set of 36 lottery numbers for the next days.

Use a set of 36 fish to beat the frame for 3 days

This is a quite effective and efficient way to raise 36s questions. First you need 36 different numbers to proceed with raising the frame. We can completely calculate it ourselves or we can refer to reputable websites to get lucky numbers.

After having a set of 36 numbers, the next thing players should do is allocate money according to the formula 1 x 2 x 3. The probability of winning in this set of numbers when raising for 3 days is up to 95%. Therefore, the possibility of winning when using the method of raising 36 groups within 3 days is very high.

However, this way of playing requires you to own a larger amount of investment capital than other common ways of playing. However, in return, this is a safe and effective way to play for beginners.

How to raise a frame for 2 days with a group of 36 fish

Once you understand how to do it and find an effective, undefeated 36-number lottery, everyone also needs to understand some of the following lottery lottery rules:
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  • Regularly monitor the statistical table of lottery results on weekdays and choose standard numbers in the above way in the most recent time. Prioritize dividing the top 8 numbers and bottom 8 numbers scientifically. Then, we just need to put them together to create the 36 problem outline.
  • Using the experience of predicting according to the lottery method, remember the lottery, especially in cases where the question about one total will cause another total to appear. From there, find the rules and arrange 36 lucky numbers for yourself. At this point, players can completely use the numbers they find and proceed to raise the 2-day frame lot.

Instructions on how to win money when playing 36-number lottery

To play a 36-number lottery within a 3-day frame is considered an effective way to play the lottery. At that time, players can apply the current optimal betting method, which is the ratio 1:2:3 as follows:

  • Day 1: Bet 10,000 VND on each fish (10,000 VND x 36 = 360,000 VND). If you take profit, you will earn 700,000 VND – 360,000 VND = 340,000 VND.
  • Day 2: Bet each fish 30,000 VND (30,000 VND x 36 = 1,080,000 VND). If you take profit, you will earn 2,100,000 VND – 1,080,000 VND = 1,020,000 VND.
  • Day 3: Bet each fish 70,000 VND (70,000 VND x 36 = 2,520,000 VND). If you take profit, you will earn 4,900,000 VND – 2,520,000 VND = 2,380,000 VND.

In this way, every day people can earn 300,000 VND. In total, in 3 days, players will earn about 900,000 VND, no matter what day they stay.


Thus, we  Kubet Instructions on how to play and catch the 36-number lottery are given so that fellow lottery players can refer to it. The most important thing about this method is to look, research and select carefully to ensure the best results for players.

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